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As one of the core issues at the founding of Log Cabin Institute, HIV/AIDS prevention, understanding and education has been central to our mission. LCI has worked on a two-track program for over 2 decades – increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS research and prevention programs in conservative communities, and providing support to the broader HIV/AIDS advocacy community on how to enroll all sectors of society to reduce stigma, design non-partisan funding advocacy campaigns, and work towards a future where the spread of HIV/AIDS draws to zero. LCI has funded societal research, published numerous white papers, and convened symposia to advance education and understanding of this critical area.

Decriminalization of Homosexuality

Currently, 68 countries criminalize homosexuality internationally. While the fight for LGBTQ equality issues is largely settled in America, our brothers and sisters internationally face increasing discrimination for simply living their true lives. With respect to more conservative social societies, there is simply no excuse for homosexuality to be criminalized in the 21st century. LCI participates in a number of international alliances that work to decriminalize homosexuality, and in 2021, will be launching a major initiative to provide a voice for LGBT individuals in the Middle East, to elevate their authentic voices, with the respect to their individual cultures.

Youth At Risk

As the gay rights movement has advanced, one of the most important fights still persists among our youth, and preserving the delicate balance between parental rights and ensuring children are not exposed to harmful elements that repress their natural development. LCI works actively against ‘conversation therapy’ and supports research that debunks the myth that individuals “choose” their sexual orientation. As the issue of transgender rights and accommodation moves in to the forefront in American culture and the political scene, LCI works to provide a forum for structured, informed and respectful debate around trans issues, and helping conservatives better understand those issues free of the political agenda that mainstream LGBT organizations promote.